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Conscious Self

Defining goals

Let's figure out what stands between the life you live and the life you would want to live. In this step, We'll work with you to define what is important to you and the goals you would like to achieve.

The right technique

Finding the method that works for you and your situation is critical. Some of the tools that We use include counselling, hypnotherapy, inner child healing, transformation coaching, trauma-release, goal catching. It could be a combination of these - or none, depending on the therapist of your choice.

Mapping progress

The tools that we uncover and use are meant to help you move towards the goals that you set yourself. Being aware of the progress you are making, your feelings and your reactions is a certain way to make progress.

"Thank you Cornelia for your expertise and clarity. As ever, a consult with you has made me feeling much better about the next steps. Working with you has helped me enormously!"

Anna Willingham

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