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Conscious Couples


Constructive dialogues 

Delivered as a workshop, we learn how to communicate difficult topics, to really get to know each other, to talk without escalating, to listen to understand.

Marriage coaching

A 1 hour 30 mins session. We can discover each other's groove and talk through tools to reconnect.


Ongoing support – 6 hours

Sometimes, good things take time. We will divide the 6 hours into sessions of shorter duration - usually 1.5 hours a session.

Ongoing support – 12 hours

Over several sessions, we will dive into the root of the problem, and learn tools to ensure better communication and connection in the future.


Our marriage was a battle field, none of us could be who we wanted to be. By understanding that we have connected on a downward spiral, we learned how to be friends again. We cannot thank you enough Cornelia.

Helen and Rupert

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