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Private Sessions (in Minutes)



This will give you some time to discuss something quickly. This is a good fit if you would like to keep it short and just have a short question, or for a level 2 Sleeptalk suggestion script



This will give us enough time to cover a specific issue or concern, and have a broader solution-focused conversation



A long session like this allows us to dig deep and shift

Group Sessions (workshops/modules)


Individual interactive type of group sessions - typically hands-on and involve active participation.

$70 / person

$120 / couple

$120 / helper (nanny workshop)

Sections of a broader educational or training program, with each module focusing on a specific topic or skill set.

$120 / module

$680 / full training of 6 modules


"It was absolutely lovely. Relaxed, non-intimidating and nice atmosphere for sharing. We learned a lot."


"I feel comfortable in your home. Lots of great little nuggets of things to try and consider. Was able to pinpoint my specific needs e.g. homework struggles"


“Plenty of AHA moments for me, hearing your explanations and supportive voice really resonated with me. Feeling calm and focused to be the support for (Collins) in the morning when she wakes.”


I'm thrilled to announce our brand new schedule of workshops tailored to empower nannies, support parents, and nurture personal development. Whether you're seeking to enhance your childcare skills, deepen your parenting insights, or prioritize your own well-being, we've got you covered!


Package Deals

6 hrs private sessions - SGD 1080 (SGD 180/hr)

12 hrs private sessions - SGD 2040 (SGD 170/hr)

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