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Conscious Connections
Run Deep and Deep

Conscious Living with Cornelia Dahinten

Meet Cornelia

Family Therapist and Parent Coach, Founder Conscious Parenting Singapore

I was handling business and project development for the real estate and hospitality industry. I had trained for it; with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management and then a Masters in Strategic Management from the London School of Economics. I wanted to work with people on a much deeper level, always feeling there must be more to it.

So I trained as a hypnotherapist. Soon after, pregnant with my first child, I was flooded by advice and judgement about how things should be done. Well meaning as all these were, it went against everything I had learned as a hypnotherapist. That kickstarted Conscious Parenting Singapore.

Three hypnobirths and a lot of education later, I now offer a very holistic approach for the entire family. I offer trauma release, hypnotherapy, coaching, support in understanding childrens’ neurological and brain development, coaching for the family as a whole and for every individual, couples therapy and communication training for private connections as well as corporate teams.

I don’t advocate rigid dogmas since I left these behind myself. The common thread that runs through all my work – consultations, courses, workshops – is scientific fact tempered with contextual reality. It has to feel right for us – even if it isn’t how things should be done. Who would be the judge of how things should be done anyway?!


What I Specialize In

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Conscious self

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Conscious parenting

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Conscious couples

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Conscious teams


3000 clients and counting

Singapore, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, China, India, the U.S. – We work with clients in over 30 countries. This means that we can easily relate but more significantly, we can help people see the nuances, importance and impact of the cultural backdrop their live in. 

I always thought I have to do it all alone! Thank you so much for showing me that there is support, that I could heal and that there are ways to feel better. I always felt safe, never judged. Thank you thank you thank you.


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39 Jalan Jambu Ayer, 588789, Singapore

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